Monday, January 31, 2011

Books I'm Reading

I've been spending time in the following books...

Practice Resurrection
A friend and I have been plowing through this book chapter by chapter.  I'm glad we read it slow.  I would have blazed through the book at too quick a pace and missed much of the depth Peterson includes.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity
The way Joiner and Nieuwhof write clicks with me.  I love their philosophy (here) and their practical look at influencing the next generation for Christ.

Bearing the Cross
I recently re-read Philip Yancy's book, Soul Survivor, (good read) and he recommended this book.  I have never read a book about MLK, Jr.  I'm 150 pages in (450 to go) and I am enjoying it.  The author, Garrow, gives a thorough look at King and the movement he was swept into; eventually becoming face of.

UPDATE:  Not going to make it through this book.  Sorry David J. Garrow...just can't swing it.   :)
Next in line...
Gandhi, Portrait of a Friend
E. Stanley Jones has connections to Asbury Theological Seminary and was a friend to Gandhi in India.  I purchased this book a few weeks ago and am excited to see what it has inside.


Real Life In A Minute said...

You do some heavy reading my friend. Good for the brain, good for the soul. Keep it up and read something fun too.

Anonymous said...

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comic said...


Morgan said...

Iv'e read this book before and it defintely opened my mind up and was also very motivational for me.

arun said...

You are sincere person. God bless you.