Monday, January 31, 2011

Books I'm Reading

I've been spending time in the following books...

Practice Resurrection
A friend and I have been plowing through this book chapter by chapter.  I'm glad we read it slow.  I would have blazed through the book at too quick a pace and missed much of the depth Peterson includes.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity
The way Joiner and Nieuwhof write clicks with me.  I love their philosophy (here) and their practical look at influencing the next generation for Christ.

Bearing the Cross
I recently re-read Philip Yancy's book, Soul Survivor, (good read) and he recommended this book.  I have never read a book about MLK, Jr.  I'm 150 pages in (450 to go) and I am enjoying it.  The author, Garrow, gives a thorough look at King and the movement he was swept into; eventually becoming face of.

UPDATE:  Not going to make it through this book.  Sorry David J. Garrow...just can't swing it.   :)
Next in line...
Gandhi, Portrait of a Friend
E. Stanley Jones has connections to Asbury Theological Seminary and was a friend to Gandhi in India.  I purchased this book a few weeks ago and am excited to see what it has inside.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing over there...

I just posted on our church blog. 
I'd like you to read it.
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