Friday, December 5, 2008

Month in Review

My last post was on 11/5...whoa, it's been a while.

I tend to read other people's blogs rather than write on my own.
I also frequent Facebook more often than not.  (Although I don't write much there either.  It's just more fun to read what other people feel the need to write about.)

So the past month.  I'll be brief.
In rewind:
-We've all been sick this past week.  I'm on my second day out of the office with whatever this junk is.
-Sarah is almost 30.  She turned 29 on Wednesday.  Of those years, I've been in her life for 11 of them.  Wild!
-Thanksgiving with Sarah's family had a new twist--we hosted it at our house.  Man, it takes a lot of work and a lot of cash to feed people over a long weekend.  It was great not having to travel though.
-Speaking of money, Sarah's brother spent some of his own on the new macbook and sold us his old powerbook G4.  So we're treading into the mac world.  (Tomorrow I'm hoping to take it to a mac genius in hopes of them helping me undo some things I unknowingly did.)
-William is completely engrossed in football.  He plays it, he dreams it, he watches it.  He knows most, if not all, the team logos.  And perhaps his favorite, he loves to say "Sunday Night Football Night in America" just like Al Roker says on the Today Show every Friday.
-Kate moved into her big girl bed.  No more crib!  She is such a star.  Obviously she was ready because she was starting to crawl in and out of her crib and when we did move her into a bed she didn't fuss or anything.  Just pulled the blankets up and went to sleep.
-Catalyst One Day:  I spent a day of incredible learning at a conference called "Catalyst One Day".  Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley were the presenters and it was awesome.  Well worth the 4:30 AM wake-up, 500 mile round trip drive, and 8 hours of conference.
-Christmas stuff is is full swing at church and in our home.  We're looking forward to a great Christmas.  Jesus is amazing.  I'm glad  he is my Lord.

Merry Christmas to you and yours...I may not make it back before then.  :)