Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Image makes a Difference

Our son, William, has surprised us with his name dropping over the past few weeks. He overhears the news (and his parents) talking about the election and has picked up on the names that are out there. He has been a staunch supporter of Barack Obama--not because of what he has heard/not heard in our house--but simply because he think Obama looks like Tiger Woods. Yesterday we told him we were voting for John McCain and today, following us telling him that Obama won the Presidential Election, he proudly proclaimed that he was "right" and we were "wrong".

Image makes a Difference...even 4 year olds have this one figured out!
So you know what we did at lunch today? As a family we prayed for Obama and Biden (you should hear Kate try to say Barack Obama). We asked God to protect them and bless them--and we meant it.