Friday, December 25, 2009

The choice

Because I want to wake up tomorrow.
Because I want to laugh.
Because I want to make a difference in the world around me.
Because I want to care for others.
Because I want to cry.
And because I want to honor life rather than succumb to the misery of death...
I choose.

I choose to celebrate Christmas and worship the God who gave it to us.
I choose to play catch with my son.
I choose to squeeze my beautiful daughter.
I choose to kiss my amazing wife.

I even choose to laugh at juvenile jokes--I did tonight.
I will choose to cry--I'm not far from it now.
I will choose to share my grief and I will choose to speak of the strength that I find within to make choices that move me forward rather than backward.

At Christmas we remember the birth of Jesus.  I choose to remember and be thankful.

It was in October, in Kentucky, where I received the Sacrament of Communion for the first time after saying good-bye to our Annie.  I recall holding the bread and the cup which symbolizes the message of Jesus' sacrifice for my sins.  The thought occurred to me that in this world I will never hold and touch my Annie again but that each time I receive communion I will hold and touch the grace of God.

I choose grace.  I choose the message contained in Jesus the Christ.
I choose.