Monday, October 27, 2008


Sarah and I are having a 24 getaway. We are in Indiana and able to leave our kids with Sarah's folks overnight. This is the view we had last night of the lake where we are stayed (I did not snap the pic but found it online).

For us to get away took a lot of work--in fact, it took a lot of mature conversation between the two of us. It was hard work to accomplish it. We have enjoyed waking up this morning without children calling our names, watching an entire news show without switching channels to watch Curious George, sitting on the couch for the past 2 hours, and our biggest discussion this morning is whether or not we should peel ourselves from our couches and eat some breakfast. Ahh.

Big thanks to my wife for getting us here.
Big thanks to our family for watching the kiddos.
Big thanks to my assistant pastor, Josh, for leading worship & preaching yesterday.
Big thanks to professional mileage reimbursements from the past month that gave some extra cash to get down here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Star (five) Bucks

Dave Ramsey says he has a friend who calls Starbucks, FiveBucks, because everytime you go there it's going to cost you $5.

Well push that total up to $10 now.

Just moments ago I sauntered into the local Starbucks for a little study time and access to the internet outside of the noise and interference of the church office.

As I waited for my grande cafe mocha and tastey M&M cookie I inquired about the use of internet access. "It's free, right?" I said. The answer was something to this affect, "If you purchase a Starbucks card, even just putting $5 on it you'll be able to register at and get all sorts of free newsletters and offers [junk] sent to you via email. It's a really cool thing. All you have to do to keep your account activated is buy a starbucks coffee once a month using your card and it'll keep your account active."

Starbucks went from Fivebucks to Tenbucks.

I did it. I joined. But at least I can post on my blog now. Now that's $5 well spent...or not.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sound Advice

I recieved this videoblog this morning and found it to be timely and solid. Kevin Eikenberry writes good stuff; simple and practical.