Saturday, July 18, 2009

Food for the Masses

Every time we've hosted our Free Food Giveaway there's a gnawing feeling in my gut where I think, "Are people going to show up? If they don't what do we do with all this food? Will there be enough volunteers?..."

I'm grateful to the 40+ volunteers who gave their time and energy to set up, distribute and clean up. It's humbling to have helped serve 191 families (representing 793 individuals) free groceries and a New Testament.

Thanks to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and to my friends who volunteered.

May God's kingdom come in North Branch as it is in heaven.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Food Warm Up

In just hours a truck will arrive @ NBWC and leave us with 12 pallets of food (10,000 lbs.). We'll have two hours to sort it, count it and set it up. At 6 we'll (hopefully) give it all away--free. We expect to have about 175 family units show up, which represents around 600 individuals. It has been incredible for our church and for individuals to experience this event.

The calls have been coming into the office in large numbers inquiring about the event. We are expecting it to be a busy afternoon.

I can't say enough about the volunteers who take part in this. 40+ people will give of their time (and take personal time off work) in order to be at the church early and stay late cleaning up. Remarkable. Thanks everyone, in advance.

I'm getting warmed up...I'll let you know how things go after we've served.